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Hyping myself up.

Christmas prep starts way early in my studio, and this year, I'm ready....I think. As a person who's notorious for overcommitting and having poor time management, I become crazy at the holidays (in the best way possible). Pertaining to my art business, I love the time crunch, the rushing, and all the anxiety that comes with it. Each year I plan differently. I try to be more realistic and more effective while also trying to maximize the amount of quality holiday art I can produce. At the same time, I acknowledge I'm a one woman show with a husband, 3 kids, 3 jobs, and a social life. My heart is already racing as I type. Like a sprinter right before the gun goes off, I'm ready to dominate this Christmas season (while still remembering the reason for the season of course). Last night I posted my first website drop of Christmas trees, and within 12 hours of posting I've already sold half of my inventory! THANK YOU! There will inevitably be another drop of trees, nativities, angel, ornaments etc. I'm posting in stages because I'm hoping that will help me maintain inventory for art crawl on 11/3, a West Elm popup on 11/18, and stocking my wholesalers as well. Please reach out to me with any questions, comments, orders etc. After all, as cliche as it is, the dream is only possible because of people who support my business, and I will always be here for you!

xx Jamie

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